Saturday, 24 February 2018

Boosting Amazon Discoverability with Hidden Keywords

Amazon is the biggest ecommerce giant which has now become major attraction for the shoppers and online retailers in the entire world. A few years ago, people would make ecommerce stores of their own and market them on Google. While this way of marketing still works for the ones who want to dominate in search rankings, the ones who want to do targeted ecommerce business find best options in amazon. As a matter of fact, Amazon always had the capability to give better exposure to the small and large-scale businesses. This capability has certainly improved further.

Here, it is important to note that listing on Amazon need to be optimized well in order to get promoted in search results. In other words, Amazon is the Google for ecommerce businesses. Having that said, it is important to have discussion about the hidden keywords. While you may know about the keywords to make a product searchable, hidden keywords are a different concept. Still, it can be very helpful in enhancing the sales on Amazon.

What are hidden keywords in Amazon?
Hidden keywords are basically the keyword fields with character limit of 250. There are 5 keyword fields provided to the shoppers. These hidden keywords make a product or service to show up after an ad of a product is clicked on and purchased. Hence, they make the product show up as a suggestion that there are similar products available.

Nevertheless, hidden keywords are not to be regarded as the regular keywords because these keywords do not make a product show up in the search results.

Thinking about the hidden keywords
You may wonder about the ways to go for hidden keywords in order to give your listing extra exposure on Amazon.

Entering hidden keywords in the relative field is just like the party game “Taboo”. You would need to enter the description and other details without entering the name of your product. These descriptions and details are going to lead the shopper to relative ads on sales page. No wonder if you qualify to show up in those ads.

One thing worth mentioning here is that Amazon is just being generous in giving 250-character space in the keywords’ slots. Unless you practice extreme keyword stuffing, it is quite difficult to fill this space.

Choosing hidden keywords
It can be a challenge to pick the right hidden keywords because you need to do semantic work here. Some people suggest the use of Google Keyword Planner in order to pick right keywords. But the matter of fact is that the way search queries work on Google is quite different as compared to those working on Amazon. The best option here is to analyze Amazon listing rather than searching for the Google on first priority. But yes, you can also work with Google in order to make your ad more searchable.

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